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We're passionate about beer.  In fact we're so passionate we started our own micro-brewery.  A micro-brewery based in Malton, North Yorkshire looking to turn the town into a beacon for craft beer.

We make handcrafted, full-flavoured beers, using the best ingredients and innovative recipes. Beer that makes you sit up and take notice. Beer that makes you want to sing. Beer that makes you happy to be alive.

All great adventures start with a Bad Seed of an idea. Plant Bad Seeds. Go on an adventure. Drink good beer.

Released March 2015 -cask


Part of our single hop series, Boadicea is an English hop with light floral and and spicy characteristics with notes of orchard blossom.

Released February 2015 -Cask and KeyKeg

4.7% abv

Porters in the cold Baltic regions are brewed with lager yeast strains.  This gives them the characteristic of being rich in flavour but light in body.  To this mix we added pears and light spicing with star anise to give a unique twist to this rarely seen style.

Released February 2015 -Keykeg


Lager vs IPA?? No contest! Both! Our clean crisp lager has been hopped like an IPA with Australian and American hops giving a big tropical punch to a really refreshing style.

Released February 2015 -cask


Part of our single hop series, Centennial is a well known bold American hop also known as "Super Cascade" which gives a big floral citrus hit

Released February 2015 -cask


Part of our single hop series, Dr. Rudi is a New Zealand hop that delivers a crisp bitterness and has notes of fresh citrus peel, pine and lemongrass

Released January 2015 -cask


Part of our single hop series, Palisade is an American hop with Noble hop characteristics.  Fruity aroma with a smooth bitterness and hints of sweet nectar fruits.

Released January 2015 -Keykeg


Our take on the classic Berliner Weisse.  Tart and citrussy due to a sour mash process. A sharp and refreshing beer that Napoleon's troops called the "Champagne of the North"

Released January 2015 -cask & Keykeg


American Pale Ale. A full on hop explosion, this beer is an all singing, all dancing cheerleader for Team Cascade! The all American hop that started the micro-brewing revolution knocks this beer out of the park.

Released January 2015 -cask


Part of our single hop series, Ella is the Australian hop previously known as Stella.  It brings a subtle floral spiciness with hints of anise.

Released January 2015 -cask


Part of our single hop series, Topaz is an Australian hop with tropical notes and a rich and intense aroma of fleshy citrus and apricot.

Saison, a refreshing drink originally popular with Belgian farm workers known as ‘les saisonniers’. We use honey, ginger and seeds of paradise to give a modern and zesty twist to this classic ale.

6.0% ABV

Malt – lager malt; wheat.
Hops – Green Bullet.
Honey, grains of paradise, fresh ginger root.

Espresso and stout. A bewitching blend of two rich, roasted flavours. We use the finest fresh coffee to enhance the decadent pleasure of this dark and complex beer. Black as sin and just as much fun.

6.5% ABV

Malt – Pearl, brown, black.
Hops – columbus
Plus freshly brewed coffee.

Terroir: the region, the soil, the climate. Flavours depend on where ingredients are grown. Just for fine wine? Not any more. Our South Pacific Pale Ale celebrates the unique variety of hops native to New Zealand.

5.8% ABV

Malt – Pearl, Maris Otter Extra Pale
Hops – Green Bullet, Pacifica, Pacific Gem.

The hop. Humulus lupus. We worship this mischievous flower and its elusive oils. Our IPA captures the flavours and aromas of the Cascade, Columbus and Chinook hops. This beer sings ‘All hail the hop!’

7.0% ABV

Malt – Pearl, Maris Otter Extra Pale, Caragold
Hops – Cascade, Columbus, Chinook

Hefeweizen. This refreshing Bavarian style wheat beer is a real Bad Seed. It was one of the first beers to break the Reinheitsgebot, the strict German purity laws. Rules about beer are silly, and we love the delicious taste of rebellion.

5.1% abv

Malt – Wheat, Pilsner
Hops – Perle

If you want to stock our beers then please get in touch! Send us an e-mail

We deliver directly to York three times a week, Leeds twice a week and Harrogate once a week.  We deliver down to London on a fortnightly basis.

Our beers are available nationally as we work closely with distributors in Yorkshire, Edinburgh, Bristol and London. So wherever you're based please get in touch and we can let you know who to contact.